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Hi there and welcome to Never Enough Moulding! We’re first time home owners, K.C. and Melanie, and we’re going to share with you details of our journey as we renovate our 1993 suburban home with the vision of timeless intent. Join us as we transform every nook and cranny of our beloved home that reflects our personal style that will stand the test of time. Nothing trendy that will date our home and everything, and you’ll hear this a lot, will just make sense! 

As new homeowners, we completely understand the excitement that comes with wanting to make your mark on your new space and let the design ideas become a reality. And we also have begun to understand the challenges that come with owning a home, regardless of any age of the property…it.is.terrifying! Our goal is to create a space that honors the character of the home while infusing it with the style that you’d see in a traditional home. But still affording modern conveniences-we love our power tools that make the job MUCH easier. We firmly believe in the power of timeless design. While trends come and go, our aim is to curate a living space that will remain captivating and comfortable for years to come for us, our family, and all visitors. 

Throughout this blog, we will take you along on our renovation journey, offering insights into our decision-making process, design inspirations, and the challenges we encounter along the way. You will also get a dive deep into discussions about interior design, architecture, materials, and the decisions and occasional setbacks that arise during each home renovation project. Most importantly, we will explore new ways to enhance the functionality of each space (especially for two left handed home owners here) while preserving the charm that you see in traditional homes. 

But this blog is about much more than just renovating a house; it’s about turning a home that was well loved before us into OUR home. It will be a place where memories will be made, laughter from K.C.’s jokes will fill the rooms, and dreams that we’ve talked about since we were dating come to life. We are so honored to take you along the journey with us as well as we breathe new life into this amazing home. 

Whether you’re a fellow homeowner seeking inspiration, a DIY enthusiast looking for project ideas, or simply someone who appreciates the transformation of a house into a home, we invite you to be part of our community. Together, let’s embark on this home overhaul and create a sanctuary that transcends trends, capturing the essence of true comfort, beauty, and everlasting style.

K.C. and Melanie in front of their (classic) 1990s home day 1. K.C. is wearing a light blue hat, dark blue shirt, khaki shorts and white shoes with his arm stretched out welcoming you visually. Melanie is wearing a dark gray shirt, black pants, and white sandals warmly embracing K.C. and welcoming you with her beaming smile.

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